Drama Club In A Box

As fine arts curriculum continues to diminish in our schools, our 'Drama Club in a Box' engage students in developing important creative thinking, curiosity, and life-long learning skills, key attributes today's business leaders are seeking in their employees.

You are about to discover how you can have your very own after-school, theatre arts enrichment program –  The Drama Club – on YOUR campus  and you don’t even need to be a theatre professional

With Drama Club in a Box, Donna Park teaches you, how you can create – and implement – a successful Drama Club program  that will inspire your students and thrill your parents.  

You’ll be THE campus in the district that everyone will be talking about.


Available for school administrators, music teachers, PTA/PTO groups, Homeschool groups, and church youth programs

OUTSIDE of Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.


Enrollment for DRAMA CLUB IN A BOX is not open at this time.

If you are interested in being on our wait list and being alerted when the doors open, please click HERE.